My “Skeletons in the Basement” post kicked off the official dig out of my storage room. My next step is to basically keep it going by pulling things out every week or every few days, asking:

    Do I need/use this?
    Do I still want this?
    Could someone else use it? If so, should I sell it, give it away or donate it?

It’s pretty simple even though when I look at the mass of things, I feel overwhelmed.

This weekend, I focused on re-using the things I still want. I found a neat basket I got at Ikea a long time ago. It used to stick inside my kitchen cabinet and hold bags. Why isn’t it still there? I don’t collect plastic bags anymore. But I collect something else there now- dog food. So I found double stick tape (the special 3M hook kind which I already had plenty of in my upstairs storage room- let’s not even talk about this room yet). It took a whole 5 minutes to complete the project.

dog food

It’s not rocket science but it gave new life to an old thing.

And I put another item on Ebay – writable cds. Yes, 2000 called and wants its digital storage back. We’ll see how this one goes.