ornamentLabor Day Weekend is approaching and I will be joining a Labor Day tradition as a +1. In lieu of a winter gathering for Christmas, my boyfriend’s family takes advantage of the long Labor Day weekend for their annual holiday celebration. It’s Labor Day. It’s Christmas. It’s… Labordaymas. And to entertain themselves, they pack the weekend full of activities and more specifically competition where points can be gained and victors can be made.

For me this weekend isn’t just two holidays, it’s two movies– Meet the Parents and Hunger Games.

The thought of being trapped in a large group of people I don’t know is the stuff of nightmares. Even around my own family I’m pretty introverted. I should get a point for just showing up. In fact, points were offered early on for various feats such as writing the best bio and for emailing the event grand marshal a photo of something inappropriate done at work. Inappropriate is my middle name so I racked up an easy point. I sent a photo of a mythical beast I drew- half horse, half penis, AKA “Dicktaur.” This is how I’m starting out.  And I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The more nervous I get, the more I chatter. And the more I chatter, the more likely it is that the words I say have not passed through any type of filter. There is simply no one at the tower. It is a verbal free fall. I can’t even imagine what will surface this weekend.

My biggest accomplishment thus far is that I’m packed. I packed on Monday night. For a U.S. trip. Five days in advance. I have never done this. Usually I just make a list and then procrastinate til the night before. When I told a friend about it, she responded, “Wow. You must be nervous.” OR AWESOMELY PREPARED TO GO INTO BATTLE. I have a small backpack- the one I used in college. And as small as it is, there is STILL room. I’ve packed bigger bags just to go to the gym. If there is some cold front in Nebraska this weekend, I will be freezing and most likely overserving myself for warmth.

Here’s my personal point tally so far:

  1. First real trip together
  2. First family function together
  3. First time I sent a photo of a dick to someone I don’t yet know
  4. First time I packed like a champion (or a lunatic- could go either way)
  5. First of many challenges to come, I hope