nightlightThere are many things I love about my significant other. But most of all, it’s his commitment. Not just to me or our relationship, but to everything. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. And not someday or next week or tomorrow. Right. Now. He’s smart and decisive and does only the appropriate research before diving in. I learned this pretty quickly on in our relationship when he said he was going to buy a new car. In less than a month, he sold his car and had a new one. If it were up to me, I would have taken years of test drives, watched the market and all sorts of shenanigans that don’t produce results. I know this because it took me one month to pick out the right NIGHT LIGHT. This is an $8 decision. One month. Two returns. Finally found it on Amazon. (Trust me, this one is the best.)

I’m surprised he hasn’t stabbed me over things like this, hearing me ask for his serious opinion, “What do you think of this one? Is it too bright? Is it the right color? I have a pack of two. Do you need one?” No, of course he doesn’t need one. Because you know what he does at night? HE SLEEPS. But I have all sorts of anxiety and it keeps me up. Pacing. And using the bathroom, which is why I need the nightlight; less light helps me stay at least half asleep-ish.

And in those late night moments, I look over at my sleeping beauty and think, “Thank God for him.”

But even more amazing than his commitment to action is his commitment to bits. From accepting a challenge to say random inappropriate phrases at his family gathering to making a guitar pedal with a half dick/half horse drawing I created, I couldn’t wish for a better human partner in my life. Bits connect us in the best possible way. We have many – some longstanding and always new ones added to the mix. Our newest bit may result in some weight gain but we’re not budging.

The only food I love more than hot dogs are tacos. I could eat tacos every day. So when two “best tacos in Chicago” lists came out this week, I emailed them to him,”Let’s do this.” I was thinking we could take 2015 to casually visit one or two a month. Nope. By Thursday we were visiting our first taco place on the list. Then Saturday (last night) he picked out another taco place near the show we were attending. He is not fucking around.

Over carne asada and carnitas I told him, “When we’re together, we should only eat tacos.” Without hesitation and with similar excitement, he responded “ok.” I make breakfast on Sunday mornings which usually consists of eggs, bacon and pancakes. Today, I made egg tacos. Because when you decide that every meal you’re going to have together is going to be tacos, you can’t leave out breakfast. And tonight, we’re going to another show and guess what we’re eating beforehand.

We discussed documenting our taco tour so of course, as the writer in this duo, I”ll be doing that here. And as the efficient decision maker, he’ll always choose our next stop. When will we get sick of tacos? Who will call it off first? Will we have to make any exceptions? Will one of us get sick (probably me)? I guess we’ll find out on Taco Tour 2014.