9420_132361318285_5003052_nIn October 2008, I embarked on a year-long experiment, “Project 50” where I decided to date/pursue 50 guys. My end goal was not to have a shiny relationship but rather to figure out what it was that I was looking for in one. I find that we (single people) often attach ourselves too quickly and too easily when meeting someone of interest and hang on too long, even when the fit isn’t right. We also tend to judge potential mates too quickly and dismiss the ones who are actually worthy of our affection. My experiment forced me to try out every opportunity and made it impossible to overstay my welcome. It was a practice in meeting someone and not automatically declaring, “HE’S THE ONE” just because he bought me a latte and remembered that I wanted soy milk.

The experiment became a book that I’m working on wrapping up this year. YES, I SAID THAT LAST YEAR TOO. I’m a writer. That’s what we do. We lament over work we haven’t finished and then get together in groups and lament together. It’s called a COMMUNITY and without my unfinished work, I would hardly fit into my cherished circle of writer friends.

That’s what’s called a tangent and I’m done now.

The book is called Forever Maybe, named after a proclamation of love from one of my greater relationships. Want the full story? You can read it here.